Friday, August 7, 2009


Armageddon - The best film ever!

Hi... Here, I want to share with you all one of my favourite movie of all time that is “ Armageddon”. First of all... Armageddon is the best film so far by Michael Bay in 1998 . Armageddon is different film compared with others. It’s very enjoyable, funny, thrilling. Also it was great to watch in this film were the special-effects, especially the disaster scenes with the meteors hitting the earth. The scenes in here were beautiful.

This is a beautiful movie perfect for emotions!!!!! This movie was the best ever the end was so sad. The part where Bruce Willis's character talks to his daughter for the last time before he sacrificed himself to save the world was so touching. The philosophy here is

“Love isn't great when it's you're life.However after its gone it leaves such an empty space’. So great!!!
The actors are all fine, Bruce Willis is great as Harry, Ben Affleck is also great actor while Liv Tyler is so beautiful.

This movie has everything that you would want in a movie that you want watch over and over again. I loved this movie as one of my favorite action movies. You have to see this movie!!! The best film ever!!!